We were honored by a visitor...
“Well, my name is Steve Laskey and I’m from Foxborough,
Massachusetts.  That’s the home of the New England Patriots.  I flew
to Alaska on July 1, 2008 to start a 5,000-mile journey to Florida to
raise money through LiveStrong –
the Lance Armstrong Foundation for cancer.    
Steve has immediate loved ones that have been, or are affected by
cancer.  He is trying to use this opportunity to help cancer victims gain
strength, hope and encouragement.  I asked him if he ever feels like
quitting.  He stated ‘No, each morning when I get up, I know what my
purpose is.  And through ‘effort – inspires – effort’, I hope that my
struggles can help inspire someone.”
Many people were fortunate to meet this man.  His ‘mission’ touched
the heart of several people that night.    We were extremely proud of
our Men’s Bowling League who passed a hat around and raised a
money in a manner of minutes for this man (Thanks Matt Katcher!).   
He shared with the local newspaper how amazing the Greene
Community was by welcoming him and being helpful.  
If you would like to know more about Steve, or track his journey -
Please go to:  
(effort – inspires effort).  If you would like to make a
donation for Steve’s efforts or for someone you know what has been
affected by cancer - go the
www.livestrong.org and click on the name
Stephen Laskey.
  “All donations I receive will go to LAF for cancer
research.  I encourage all to please help out in the name of family
members, friends, and loved ones who have been affected by cancer.  I
will ride for them.”  – Steve Laskey (website)

Please check out his story...
Effort - Inspires - Effort
Hi Folks!   Just a quick note to thank you once again and to let you know the $100 so
generously given to me at Freeze Frame was donated to LIVESTRONG in the name of the
great town of Greene Iowa. I good fortune.   I'm home safe in Foxboro with all goals met.
It was an amazing journey of a lifetime. One thing is certain,  I'll never forget the good
people of Greene.
At the moment I am in Pensacola Florida.  I made it!  2 days ago. Just a few miles to go
to reach my goal of 5000 also. All went well, thanks to many, many great people like the
ones in Greene. I am tired, but still going to ride on for a week or so.  Some good news
also. I have been invited me to ride Ragbrai next July on Team LIVESTRONG without
even raising funds for admission.  The first thing I thought of was I hope it goes through
Greene. I've told the story of what you all did to help me many, many times in weeks
past. It surely will be a nice true story to emphasize the title in my book to be: "There
are Still Good People" .        Thanks again. I'll update my site as soon as I get home.  
Take care. PS      I missed Dan Gable by a half hour, but met Coach Brands and a few of
the wrestlers. Maybe I'll try again next July.
Bowling Fundraiser for Leggs
by Colleen O'Shaughnessy
KIMT News 3  

GREENE, IA - A local bowling alley is raising thousands for a North Iowa family.
About 175 people hit the lanes in Greene last night to help out the Legg
family.  Recently the family lost three children in a house fire. Freeze Frame
Bowl owner Shane Freeseman said they're still counting, but the total is
already more than $1,000. Freeseman believes this is a great example of a
community coming together.
Steve Laskey, Jeff Moux
3064 Hwy 14 - Greene, Iowa - 641-816-BOWL (2695)
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